Behind-the-Wheel Training: $375 (Payment plan available for a small fee) .

This fee includes the 7 sessions of driving and 7 sessions of observing required by the state of Virginia, as well as, an internet-based session scheduler that allows students to view, edit, or cancel driving sessions from any computer.


Classroom Driver Education: $295

This fee includes the required 36 hours of Driver Education instruction, as well as all materials needed throughout the course.


8-Hour Manual Re-Examination Training: $235 (includes lunch)

This fee includes the required 8 hours re-examination driver's education and instructions for re-examination.


7-Hour Behind the Wheel Re-Examination Training: $400

This fee includes the required 7 hours of behind-the-wheel training for drivers who fail their driving test three times when taken at the DMV.


Private Driving Lessons: $75/hour ($65 per hour for blocks of 3)

This service is for those students whose parents do not have the time to satisfy the 45 hour driving log that the state requires, or for those students who could use additional practice with a trained licensed instructor. This fee includes the private instruction as well as the use of a Driver's Choice vehicle.