Question: Why should I choose Driver's Choice?

Answer:  Here at Driver's Choice, we teach students to become safe and responsible drivers. Our instructors are highly trained, friendly, responsible, and are able to inspire confidence in their students.

Question:  What does my child need in order to enrol in the Behind-the-Wheel program?

Answer:  Students need to have a valid Virginia Learner's Permit, and need to have completed the classroom portion of Driver's Education. The student must also have driven 45 hours with a parent or adult over 21, and should have a log to reflect this.

Question:  What is the 45-hour log, and when does it have to be completed?

Answer:  Parents and/or adults over 21 are required to have driven with the student for a minimum of 45 hours, including night (15 hours) and inclement weather driving, and must document this on a signed log sheet.  A signed letter from a parent/guardian can be used as a substitute, and the parent's driver's license number is required on this letter. Students may enrol in Behind-the-Wheel-Training if the 45-hour log is not complete, but they will not be issued a license until it has been completed.

Question:  How long is the Behind-the-Wheel course?

Answer:  In the state of Virginia, students are required to receive fourteen 50-minute sessions, seven of which are spent driving, and the other seven observing. Students accomplish this with seven sessions of two hours each.

Question:  Who gives my child the Road Skills Test Driving Test, Driver's Choice or the DMV?

Answer:  Driver's Choice. All students under the age of 18 are required to take the Behind-the-Wheel course, which includes the Road Skills Test on the last day (7th session) of instruction.

Question:  After the last day can my child get in a car and drive away?

Answer:  If your child has met the following requirements, then he/she will be issued a Provisional Drivers License (PDL):

Pass the Road Skills Test; Held Learner's Permit for a minimum of 9 months; Completed the 45-hour log;  Parent has signed the student's PDL.

Question:  What happens after my child receives his/her PDL?

Answer:  The PDL, only when paired with the child's Learner's Permit, gives the student the right to drive for 180 days.  Within that time period, the child will receive a notice from the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court with a date to appear in court and the student will receive his/her physical license from the presiding judge.

Question:  What is the price of the Behind-the-Wheel course?

Answer:  $350 (Payment plan available for small fee).

Question:  What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer:  We accept cash, MasterCard/Visa, and Discover. We aslo have a very flexible payment plan. Call us for details. 

Question:  Do you offer free pick-up?

Answer:  All students meet at the Driver's Choice office for driving sessions and pick-ups.  We take the students to Skyline, Warren County, and RMA high schools after 6am driving sessions, and pick the students up for driving sessions that are scheduled immediately after school (3:30 pm). We also pick up students who have after school activities for 5:30pm driving sessions.  After which, the students are then brought back to the Driver's Choice office for parents/guardians to pick up. When school is not in session, all driving sessions begin and end at the office.

Question:  What if I fail the Road Skills Test? Can I retake it?

Answer:  If you fail the final day Road Skills Test, you can retake it. There is a $50 retesting fee.

Question:  How do I schedule drive times? Do I have to call each time?

Answer:  Driver's Choice uses to schedule driving sessions. This service is included in the Behind-the-Wheel Training price.  This system allows students to view, change, or cancel drive times with the click of a button. Before the first driving session, we provide reference materials for students' use of the site, and will even aid in the scheduling of driving sessions, if so desired. This site gives students and parents the ability and freedom to schedule driving sessions around their busy lifestyles.

Question:  What if I miss my Behind-the-Wheel appointment?

Answer:  Hopefully with the ease of access Schedule2Drive provides, the student will never miss an appointment. Any drive time can be cancelled (with 24-hour notice) for no charge. However, if the cancellation comes within the 24 hour period, or a student "no shows", a $50 charge will be added to their account and must be paid before issuance of the PDL (emergencies and illness are also excused when Driver's Choice is contacted by a parent or guardian).